Translations of the Ghazals of Hafiz

352.  Separation 

May none be shattered like me by the woes of separation;
My life has passed by wasted by the throes of separation. 

Exited stranger, lover, heartsick beggar, mind bewildered;
I've shouldered brunt of Fortune and blows of separation. 

If ever separation should fall into my hand I will kill it;
With tears, in blood, I will pay all the dues of separation. 

Where to go, what to do, who to tell my heart's state to?
Who gives justice, who pays out, for those of separation? 

From the pain of separation not a moment's peace is mine;
For the sake of God, be just, give the dues of separation. 

By separation from Your Presence I'll make separation sick,
Until the heart's blood flows from the eyes of separation. 

From where am I and from where are separation and grief?
Seems my mother bore me for grief that grows of separation. 

Therefore, at day and at night, branded by love, like Hafiz,
With nightingales of dawn, I cry songs, woes of separation.



Smith, P. (1986).  Divan of Hafiz.  Melbourne: New Humanity Books.

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