Blue Sadhana presents a unique collection of songs in the World/Folk style, featuring talented singer songwriter James R. Newell. James has skillfully adapted the lyric poetry of 14th century Persian Sufi Poet Hafiz of Shiraz to American folk music idioms. He has created an eclectic blend of world and folk melodies which effectively make available the classic beauty of Hafiz's lyrics to the modern, English speaking listener. In particular, his feel for American blues music evokes the ambiance of the traditional Sufi tavern, adding a sense of mystery to the classic Persian themes of lover and beloved, the wine of Divine intoxication, and the torturous path of love. 

To order The Songs of Hafiz audio CD please print out the order form below, fill it out and mail it to: James R. Newell, 321 50th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37209.  Make all checks payable to James R. Newell.


Please send _____ copies of The Songs of Hafiz at $15.00 USD per copy.  I have included $2.50 USD shipping charge for the first CD, add $1.00 USD for each additional CD.




Make check or money order payable to:  

James R. Newell 
321 50th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37209 

Shipping charges apply to orders for the USA and Canada. Please double the shipping charges for orders outside of the USA and Canada.


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