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Online Hafiz texts:

The Teachings of Hafiz by Gertrude Bell, 1897.

Medieval Sourcebook - Excerpts from Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, vol 8.

Odes From The Divan Of Hafiz, freely rendered from literal translations by Richard Le Gallienne, The Page Company, Boston. 1903.

Hafiz on Love - A very nice site with many useful links.  Includes the entire divan in Persian with English translations.

A free collection of Persian ghazals in PDF format.

Influences on Hafiz:

The entire Masnavi of Rumi in English. 

The Bulstan of Sa'adi in English -- PDF format.

The Gulistan of Sa'adi in English -- PDF format.

The Shah Namah by Ferdowsi (The Epic of Kings) - Translated by Helen Zimmern
(1883).  Many of Hafiz's mythological references, such as 'Jamshed's Cup,' are found here.

The Qur'an, Translated by E.H. Palmer, (Sacred Books of the East, volumes 6 and 9, 1880).

500 Ahadith - A collection of sayings attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The King James version of the combined Hebrew and Christian scriptures. 


Islam -- Introductory information about Islam.

The Sufi Order links page

Sufi OrdersSufi Orders 

Farsi Poetry:

Farsinet.com - Persian Poets and Poetry -- A Farsi poetry site. 


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