Translations of the Ghazals of Hafiz

Joseph will come back to Canaan again, 
My house the fragrance of her rose-garden will regain.
0 sad heart, from hardships do not get mad,
Your worries will soon end- don't feel so sad.

If the Spring on turf-throne would remain,
The bird under flower-canopy sits again.
If the world turns to your favor some days,
Take it easy; it won't do so always.
If God's secrets are unknown don't despair.
Behind the mystery-curtain is a love-affair.
O'Heart, if death-flood sweeps off all life,
Your pilot as Noah, ends your strife.
When through desert you pass for pilgrimage,
If thorns bother your feet, don't be in rage.

The road 's perilous and destination away.
Yet all roads have their ends, I daresay.
Enemies oppose me in absence of friend,
God knows that on Him I only depend.

Hafiz, the dark, lonely nights never mind, 
Study and pray- thus salvation you find.



Kashani, A. A.  (1984).  Odes of Hafiz: Poetical horoscope. (pp. 182) Lexington: Mazda Publishers.



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