Alternate versions of the first ghazal in Hafiz's divan

Hearken Saqi!' Circulate the wine-flagon
And pass it to me also; 
For love seemed easy at first,
But difficulties came. 
How much blood boils in the hearts of lovers
Awaiting the scent of the navel of the deer
That the breeze of dawn will finally unleash
From the forelock of the Friend
And his musky curls!'
How can I enjoy ease and comfort
In the rest-house of the Beloved
When the bell for saddling the camels
Is sounding all the time?'
Dye your prayer-carpet in wine
If the Magian Teacher" command it:
For the true traveller understands the path
And the proper procedure at the inns.'
The night is dark, the waves terrifying,
The whirlpool devastating: 
What could light-loaded land-lubbers
Know of my condition?'
Every selfish act conspired in the end
To wreck my reputation:
'That to discuss which people gather together in assemblies
Cannot remain a hidden secret.
0 Hafiz, do not absent yourself from the Friend
If you desire his presence: Remember the text
'When once you have met the Beloved
Give up the earth and all things in it'.


Alston, A. J.  (1996).  In search of Hafiz.  London: Shanti Sadan.



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